3 Incredible Touch Bar Apps For Your MacBook Pro

Many people love the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, but at the same time, it’s sometimes useless. Here, I’ve got 3 apps that will make the MacBook Pro Touch Bar more useful, as well as making it more fun to use.

Haptic Key

Haptic Key is an app that adds haptic feedback to the Touch Bar. It uses the super powerful trackpad engine to do this, and you can configure the strength of the feedback in the app’s menu. Haptic feedback on the display means you always know when you’ve tapped it and won’t accidentally press something or hope to have pressed something. Check out Haptic Key here.


I haven’t had much experience with BetterTouchTool, and it is somewhat complicated to use. It basically lets you add any button to the Touch Bar, and that button can do absolutely anything. You can even select which apps the options show up in, and BTT stays clear of other apps. There’s loads of things to do with BetterTouchTool, so I recommend you check it out here. Bear in mind that it isn’t free – after the free trial it costs $8.50 for a 2 year license.


Pock puts your macOS Dock into your Touch Bar. That’s cool enough right? You don’t need to use the dock anymore! But there’s more – Pock has a bunch of cool widgets that live on the display, and can show you information like battery, time and date, now playing and more! This means you can save screen estate on your MacBook! Check it out here.

So these are three of my favourite Touch Bar apps for the MacBook Pro. If you have any of your own, let me know in the comments below, and be sure to check out my other blog and video with my 5 favourite Mac apps!

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