Amazon Echo – cylindrical to spherical?

So today Amazon had the Amazon Event 2020. Amazon is known to announce dozens of products at their events, and today was no exception. We saw new Echos, Echo Dots, Echo Shows, Ring cameras, Fire TV sticks, Eero WiFi mesh products, and more!

So let’s get on with it!


First off, let’s talk about the new Echos. Amazon has now turned the old cylindrical shaped Echo and Echo Plus into one spherical speaker. It’s slightly heavier than the older Echos, and the buttons are now integrated into the fabric, making the Echo look even more sleeker and clean. Also, the traditional light ring at the top of the speaker has been moved to the bottom, meaning added visibility when the speaker is on a surface, as the light illuminates the surface around it.

The new Echo, in Charcoal, Twilight Blue and Glacier White

There’s also a bunch of new technology inside the speaker. There’s now 4 controllers instead of 1, including a Zigbee controller, Amazon’s own Amazon Sidewalk controller, and Bluetooth.

The new Echo will be available on the 22nd of October 2020, but it’s available for pre-orders already. The price starts at £89.99 ($99.99). Let me know down below, do you like the new design of the Echo? Do you think it’s too round, or too big?

Echo Dot

The new Echo Dot has changed a lot too. It’s adopted the same spherical shape as the new Echo, but, as before, it’s smaller than the Echo. But, it’s still bigger than the older Echo Dot, allowing Amazon to fit in more tech than before.

One thing to note about the new Echo Dot is that it’s no longer wall-mountable. While this is disappointing, Amazon is still keeping the old Echo Dot for those wanting to wall-mount it. The new version has the same speaker as the 3rd generation, but the new Echo Dot has Amazon’s AZ1 Neural Edge chip.

Other than that, the new Echo Dot hasn’t changed much – not even the price! The new Echo Dot starts at £49.99 ($49.99) for the standard version, and £59.99 ($59.99) for the Echo Dot with LED Display or for the Echo Dot Kids Edition. It’s available on the 22nd of October for the standard version and the 5th of November for the Echo Dot with LED Display or Echo Dot Kids Edition.

Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 has been completely changed. It now looks like an old iMac. The reason for this is because the screen rotates up to 175°. It now follows you around the room when you’re on a video call, but you can still manually operate the tilt of the screen. It has a 10-inch display, and there’s now a MediaTek processor inside, alongside a Zigbee Smart Home controller like the new Echo.

The new Echo Show starts at £239.99 ($249.99), but Amazon hasn’t given us a release date for the device, so it may be a while before we see it turn up.

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