Apple September Event – Time Flies

Time really does fly. I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a week now, and here I am, a half-hour before the event, writing about it. Oh, in case you didn’t know, Apple is having an event today, at 10 am PDT. On Tuesday 8th September, Apple announced that they would be holding an event in Apple Park, Cupertino. It’s going to be a digital-only event, the second digital-only event by Apple of the year, the first being WWDC. It’s probably going to be similar to WWDC, a super high-quality, pre-recorded event.

Apple products released so far

That’s it. We haven’t seen an update to the entry-level iPad, iPad Air or 16-inch Macbook Pro. The iPhone 12 is expected to be announced today (unlikely) or in the next few weeks because Apple themselves announced that their next generation of iPhones would be pushed back slightly. We may see a 16-inch Macbook Pro soon, but I’d leave that till at least November via a press release if there’s going to be an update at all.

So that leaves the entry-level iPad and the iPad Air, both of which may get updated today! We may see the 8th Generation iPad and the 4th Generation iPad Air. The entry-level iPad is expected to be a basic spec bump, but the iPad Air is where we’re expecting big things. We’re expecting an iPad Pro like design, with the iPad Air closely matching the iPad Pro 2018, with its single camera and home-button less design.

There may also be some news on Apple’s subscriptions, such as the rumoured Apple One subscription bundle, and we will probably see the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple may even announce the long rumoured AirTags, which are Apple’s response to Tile trackers.

Anyways, I’d better publish this – else it will probably be too late!

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