First Apple Silicon Macs announced – One More Thing

So, a few hours ago, Apple had their ‘One More Thing’ event, starting with Tim Cook walking out and reflecting on all the products Apple announced this year so far, and then John Ternus and Johny Srouji spoke about Apple Silicon, and how incredibly powerful, efficient and special it was. They announced the M1 chip, the first chip for the Mac. But then, we got to the main points of the event. First, Craig spoke about macOS Big Sur and the M1 chip combined. We also found out the first Apple Silicon Mac would be a MacBook.

Apple Silicon and Big Sur

Apple Silicon Mac - MacBook Pro with M1 Chip

A match made in Cupertino. Apple designed Big Sur to run especially well on Apple Silicon, meaning it takes advantage of all those extra cores and power to make macOS feel even snappier and faster, with apps loading almost instantaneously. We found out more about Rosetta 2 and Universal Binaries, and Apple got some developers to speak about their experience with Apple Silicon. MacOS Big Sur will be available for download on Thursday 12th November, so come back then to check out my experience!

First Apple Silicon Mac – MacBook Air

First Apple Silicon Mac - MacBook Air with M1 chip
MacBook Air with the new M1 Chip

The first Mac with Apple Silicon is the MacBook Air. It has an 8-core CPU and upto 8 GPU cores too, which is incredible for a tiny notebook. The SSD is upto 2 times faster, and ML workloads are up to 9 times faster. Most incredibly, the MacBook Air is now fanless. Completely silent. This could be quite risky, and could lead to throttling on the MacBook Air. And, there’s now up to 18 hours of video playback on the MacBook Air, which is the highest ever on a MacBook Air. There’s also WiFi-6, Thunderbolt 4, USB 4 and Apple’s latest image signal processor. It is also priced at a lovely $999.

MacBook Pro (13-inch)

Apple also announced the 13-inch MacBook Pro, with the same 8-core CPU and 8-Core GPU, giving up to 2.8 times better performance than the previous generation. ML is also 11 times faster, and the M1 Chip is up to 3 times faster than the previous MacBook Pro (13-inch). It also has the same new features as the MacBook Air, including WiFi-6, Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4. There’s also 20 hours of video playback too, which is the highest ever battery life in a MacBook. The MacBook Pro 13-inch is priced at a starting price of $1,249.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini with M1 Chip

The last Mac with Apple Silicon being announced today was the Mac Mini. It also includes the M1 Chip, with 3 times better performance than the previous generation. Also, Apple says that the Mac Mini is a tenth of the size of the best-selling Windows desktop, and still provides 5 times the performance. Additionally, Machine Learning workloads are 15 times faster. Additionally, Apple has cut down the price of the Mac Mini by $100, pricing it at $699. It’s crazy how the iPhone 12 Mini costs the same price!

Alright, that’s everything Apple announced today! Let me know how you found the event, and will you buy an Apple Silicon Mac? Do you think the new processors are good enough to buy immediately, or is it safer to stick to Intel for now? Let me know on Twitter at @parineet_v or in the comments below!

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