One more thing – Another Apple Event?

Ok. It’s happening. Another Apple Event. I mean, everyone knew. This year, there’s still one product to be announced. Apple Silicon in the Macs, most specifically, the MacBook. Tim Cook said, and I quote, ‘We expect to ship our first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of this year,’. There are 59 days left this year, and if they want to ship them in time, well November is the only time to announce them.

So, when is the event? November 10th, at 6pm GMT. November 10th is a very, very busy day. Xbox Series X shipping, an Apple Event, and an important birthday.

Now, what products are going to be announced at the One More Thing event? Obviously, at least one Apple Silicon-based Mac. Most likely, it’s going to be a 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and it is all but confirmed to include a MacBook, since the Apple Event AR Easter Egg shows an Apple Logo, rotating 90°, like a MacBook’s screen. It also shows an array of colours spewing out of the front of the Apple logo, like how a screen spews out light when lifted up. Now, this array of colours. Could MacBook displays be reworked? A new technology? Maybe even mini-LED? Of course, this is all speculation, all ideas that may happen but are extremely unlikely to.

Let’s go back to our list of Apple products of the year. So far, we’ve had:

That’s quite a lot of products. But Apple Silicon based Macs may not be the last thing announced on Tuesday. We might also see the long awaited over ear AirPods, and the Tile-like tracking device by Apple. And we might, we just might, find out the release date for MacOS Big Sur. At last. Regardless of bugs, I’m updating up Mac immediately.

So, what do you think? Is the Apple Silicon Mac something you would want to have? Or are Macs just not your thing? Let me know down in the comments. See you on November 10th, 6pm GMT (10am PST), at

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